A Plan to Make You Happy All Day Long

“You’re far happier to give than to get.”  Jesus said something like that.    He was teaching us that we need to be thinking about more than ourselves.  When you just think about yourself, you’re miserable.  When you begin to think of others, by some paradox, you become happy.  I don’t know how it works, but it does.

Start Where You Are

One of my good friends started an organization that is based on the idea that we should be grateful and give.  It makes us happier and better.  He’s right, and he’s changing an entire country in a profound way.

But, you don’t have to start a huge organization.  You don’t have to become a doctor or teacher or a preacher.  You can start right where you are.  Here is my challenge to you:

Make someone happy every hour of the day.

Now, don’t let me hold you back.  You can make more than one person happy each hour.  But, as a bare minimum, you must make one person happy (or at least try to) every hour of the day.

Don’t worry.  I’ve got some ideas for you.

 24 Ways to Make Someone Happy

Note:  You will only need about 16 of these (I assume you sleep).

  1. Smile.  If someone smiles back – you just succeeded.  Don’t do the creepy smile, either.
  2. Say “Thank You” sincerely.
  3. Treat service people (waiters, cashiers) with sincere dignity and respect. That doesn’t mean asking for their number, though.
  4. Take an old person to lunch.
  5. Take a person with few friends to lunch. You might make a friend!
  6. Invite someone new to be a part of your group.
  7. Show sincere appreciation to a coworker. They might be your boss someday.
  8. Bring donuts to the office. This is always a winner.
  9. Bring biscuits to the office. Even bigger winner in the South.
  10. Bring cookies to the office. Another winner.
  11. Give someone a sincere compliment. “Your hair looks oily” does not count.
  12. Sing for someone. Don’t be too loud or you might scare them.
  13. Write someone a sincere letter of appreciation.
  14. Call someone to check on them if you haven’t seen them in a while.
  15. Take a home cooked meal to a shut in.
  16. Take takeout to a shut in. This is probably what I’d do.
  17. Send a birthday card. Facebook messages don’t count.
  18. Send a get well card. Facebook messages don’t count.
  19. Send a congratulations card. Facebook messages don’t count.
  20. Tell someone a corny joke. If you don’t know one, there’s “The Google.”
  21. Really listen to someone who needs it. That means pay attention and don’t talk a lot.
  22. Give someone a standing ovation.  Some people make it through life without ever receiving one.
  23. Protect or help someone physically.  God made you strong not to hurt but to help.  Use your strength to help someone.
  24. Take a walk with someone.  People need to get outside, and if you ask the right person, it will make their day.

Can you think of some more ways?

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