Finding God In the Begging Place (I Samuel 1)

When you really want something what should you do?

What about if it seems to take longer than you had thought it would?

What if you were always the good looking one, always the chosen one, and then the one thing you want…seems to elude you?

I can imagine what Hannah was feeling….not because I’m a woman.  Not because I’m in a polygamous situation.  Certainly not because I want to get pregnant (ha).

I’m can imagine it because I’ve had it pretty good.

Hannah probably did too.  She was most likely the first wife of Elkanah.  He had another wife, but he probably only married again in order to have kids.  Hannah was the favored wife (I Samuel 1:5).  She was most likely beautiful, powerful, and had most anything she wanted.  But, there was something she wanted that she didn’t have.  She just wanted a son.  This went on for years.

Have you ever had something you wanted….more than wanted…something you could just give sweat blood and tears for….and you didn’t get it right when you wanted it?  I certainly can relate to that.  I’d like to have a wonderful wife.  I’d like to give back to the world in a way that is much more than what I’m currently doing.  Sometimes I’m tempted to settle.  I’m tempted to give up on the dreams that I have in my heart for good.

How about you?

Is there a good thing you’ve been wanted to do for years…and it just hasn’t panned out?

Is there a dream that you’ve had in your heart.that just won’t go away?

Maybe it’s a book.

Maybe it’s a godly relationship.

Maybe it’s a child.

Maybe it’s a ministry.

And, it just eats at your heart.  You lie down and night and think about it.  You get up and it’s there.   All day long it’s in the back of your mind.

You’re tempted to give up.  You’re tempted to throw in the towel…

Well, let me tell you this…Hannah didn’t.  At a time when others were giving up and giving in…she was getting down…down on her knees in prayer.  She was praying so hard, the man of God thought she was drunk.  Now, let me ask you this…when you feel like giving in…have you ever thought of praying so hard people might think you’re out of control?  Have you ever thought about seeking God so much that people just don’t get it.  Maybe that’s what God is shaping in you right now.  Maybe he wants to give birth to your dream, but it’s going to take going to the begging place.  Maybe it’s going to take getting to the place that your dream isn’t about you…it’s about giving birth to something that you turn over to God.

That’s what Hannah did.  She begged and she prayed…and she wanted that son…but her dream wasn’t just for her…it was about birthing into the world just what God would use to bring about his Plan and his Mission….for you see when she went to her begging place, the man of God heard her, and he said,

“Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition that you have made to him.”  I Samuel 1:17.

This woman who couldn’t do anything but pray…she had her burden removed.  She had her dream come true.  And, her sad face turned to joy.  She ate. She went her way…and then she did something that is hard to say…but a joy to write…she gave her son to the Lord.  She gave her dream away.  God gave her her dream…and she gave it back to him.

Her dream was a son…but could she ever imagine what role he would play…in the shaping of the nation…in the anointing of the great King of Israel…and finally in the pathway to the Messiah?  Would she know that he would pave the way for something that you and I are doing today…studying about him…in a book called after his own name?  You can’t imagine what God can do with you when you are willing to do for God, willing to go to the place of prayer…willing to rise from the ashes to serve with impunity and total abandon…willing to go to the begging place.

Are you ready?

Is it time for you to go to the begging place?

Is it time for you to give your dream to God?

He will birth in you a new thing.


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