Tubmanburg, Monrovia, Liberia – June 5, 2014: When Blessing was 4 months old, her mother, Bendu, was working on a farm in rural Liberia. One day she forgot something at home and left Blessing with a close friend at the farm. When she returned, Blessing would not stop crying. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Eventually she took off her clothes and discovered bleeding. After an examination at the hospital, they determiend that she had been raped by the man. Blessing spent a month in the hospital recovering. Meanwhile, Bendu filed a report with the police and took him to court. He was released when the family provided evidence that he was underage at the time (approximately 17). Blessing is now 4 years old and lives with her mother and baby sister, Miatta. Photo by Morgana Wingard

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