How to Win at Sports and Life…White Men Can Jump

I’m going to tell you how to make your week better.  If you read this post, and follow the simple suggestion, you will be more productive at work, home, and play.  You will be more focused, more relaxed, and just better at what you do.  Want to know how?

It start with sports.  What is it they say about white men and basketball?  White men can’t jump.

So, if you take a group of white men and tell them you’re going to give them a test that measures their innate athletics ability, what do you think the results would be?

Now, what if you took a group of white men and told them you’re going to give them a test that measure their sports strategic thinking.  How do you think that might affect the results?

Which group do you think did better?

You guessed it.  It was the one that was told they were measuring their sports strategic thinking.  Why?

The stories we tell ourselves matter.

Here’s something you should tell yourself today:

 I have worth. God loved me so much that he sent his Son to die for me, John 3:16.

I have hope.  God is working all things out together for good for them that love him, Romans 8:28.

I have security.  No one can pluck me out of his hand, John 10.

I am more than a conqueror through him that loved me, Romans 8:37.

So, tell yourself a positive, uplifiting, empowering story of worth, hope, and security this week.   And, you can be more than a conqueror.

Just ask this kid.



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