Speak Where the Bible Speaks

“Speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent.”

Where does the Bible speak?

Can’t you just imagine the priests having a heated discussion about the tithe of mint and anise and cummin…and they miss something…the Messiah just walked by.

Speaking where the Bible speaks means saying what it has to say.  Let’s think about that.  That not only means specifics but it also means emphasis (i.e., weightier matters of the Law).  So, we need to make sure our emphasis is the emphasis of the Scriptures.  We need to not only approach the Bible with a legal perspective of getting all the rules right, we also need to approach it from a relational perspective of getting the heart right.

The Heart of the Bible

If we want to speak where the Bible speaks, if we want to truly be a restoration people, then let’s show the world that…

  • It’s not only about being immersed in water…it’s about being immersed into the work of the kingdom.  Let our best argument for baptism be our total immersion into the death of Christ, dying to self.  Let’s model the resurrection by arising from baptism to be resurrection people building his kingdom in this world.
  • It’s not only about worshiping with correct form…it’s about worshiping from the heart and having an attitude of gratitude that transforms our whole lives into an act of service to God.
  • It’s not just about worshiping with a congregation that wears the name of Christ…it’s about seeing Christ in the least around us and being with them and serving them.

Truth is, there are many Christ followers that are embracing this.  It’s about getting to the heart of the Bible.  I’ve seen it in Nicaragua, and I’ve seen it in the Heart of Dixie.  Let’s speak where the Bible speaks, and’s let’s remember that at the center of the Bible there stands a cross and a resurrection.


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