Thank you for considering me as a speaker.  I know that finding the right speaker is a challenge.  But it’s worth doing, because the right speaker can change the tone of any event, whether it’s a worship service, retreat, or corporate event.   I’ve been speaking in churches since the age of 14, whether it was speaking in  a worship service for thousands or preaching for a small group of believers gathered under a make-do structure after Hurricane Katrina.

This is serious business, and I know when you’re wanting to impact people’s lives it takes preparation and excellence.  There is so much at stake, and I want to thank you for considering me.  It’s an honor.

What to Expect

  1. The message will be delivered from a Christian worldview, with a belief in the inspiration of the Bible.
  2. Prompt, professional replies to calls and email messages.
  3. A personal consultation prior to the event, so I can understand how to best serve you.
  4. A well-prepared, dynamically presented message, designed for your needs.
  5. A post-event consult to make sure I met your needs.  Also, it’s a great time to learn how I can improve.

 About me

I am a Christ follower who has made His mission my mission, his Story my story.

I grew up in Alabama and have been active in churches of Christ all of my life.    Currently, I am a member of the Central Church of Christ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

References available upon request.


I speak on topics that interest people, and I speak from a Biblical perspective.  I love to speak in a way that the “seeker” and the “churched” both understand and relate to.

My top topics include the following.  These can be tailored to as single messages or as longer seminars.  My goal is to help you reach your goal.

  • Why I Am a Member of the Church of Christ.  We talk about God’s epic story and the original Restoration Movement.  Enter the story!
  • In the BeginningMaking apologetics connect with both the mind and the heart.   We can talk about my favorite argument for the existence of God (it’s the Kalam cosmological argument), but we’ll do more than that.  We’ll get right to the heart.
  • Blessed.  How to be more than rich and better than happy.  We’ll take a look at the notion of the blessing in the Bible, and we’ll see that God is for us and that we can have blessed assurance.
  • Worship Renewal.  I’ve been leading worship since I was literally a toddler.  We will talk about what worship is really about and learn how that it’s much more than a song and a talk.
  • Worship leader training.  Sometimes the leaders need to be trained, too!  If you want to breath some life into your worship service, especially your song service, then let’s talk.
  • The Story.  Sometimes it’s great to see the overall picture of the Bible and how his Story can become our story.  This will help you see the Bible and yourself in a way that will challenge, encourage, and empower you.
  • Why.  The greatest sermon ever preached is said to be the Sermon on the Mount.  In it Jesus talked about one little thing that changes our lives….and that’s our Why.  Learn to get to the core of who you are and what you do and change your life.

There are many other topics I’d be happy to address as well, and we can cover that in our initial consultation.

Let’s Discuss Your Speaking Needs