What To Do with New Technology

This is going to change everything.  Worlds will collide.  Lives will be transformed.  I’m talking about the coming tech changes.  How does Jesus’ story fit into all of that?  We’ll look at that, but first, let’s think about….the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How does Google know what you’re about to search for, even when you misspell it?

How does Facebook know how to advertise the things you just might buy?

How in the world is there, right now, a car that can drive itself?  It’s here, and it’s growing.  You can’t even imagine the ways it will change the next 20 years.


Just think.

What if we could swallow a pill that would monitor your vital signals and wirelessly provide information to your doctor?  By the way, this is already created, and will have FDA approval by 2018.

What if the blind could get an implant that would give them vision?  It’s coming.  Just think cochlear implants for the eye.

What if computers could literally read your mind?  It has already started.

What if a computer could record your dreams?

Not only that, but what if we could offload our memories to the internet?  What if we could offload processing power to a computer? Literally, surf the web at the speed of thought.

Now What?

How do you react to all of that, are you scared?  Are you excited?

Truth is, so many powerful things are coming, but the question is what are we going to do with them?

The story of Jesus is as relevant today as it was before the digital revolution.  It answers the question of “Why?” and “Who?”

Just think, nuclear energy can provide clean power or murder millions.  It all depends on the spirit.  We are the drivers of the tech.

The truth is, the story of Jesus hits us in a place that is deeper than tech.  It hits at at the intersection of all the facets of reality.  It speaks to spirit, ethics, love, family, hope, and intelligence.  It gives us hope.  We’re not afraid of tomorrow because we know who holds it.  It gives us power.  We will use the tools of innovation to help people.

Just think.  Christians have built hospitals.  Now, we will use nanotech to provide healing.

Christ followers have spread the gospel by mouth before.  Tomorrow, we may spread it in a medium we don’t yet understand.

Christians of all people shouldn’t fear new tech.  We should simply use it to bless others.  Show the love of Christ.  Do good.  After all, that’s what his story is all about, and his kingdom is never shaken (Hebrews 12:28).

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