Have you ever wondered if you were meant for more?

  • More than just existing….really living.
  • More than just going to work….being on mission.
  • More than just going to worship…connecting with God.
I believe there’s a word for that.  It’s called being blessed.  Do you want to be blessed?  Then, this site is for you.


This is not a normal self-help site.  In fact, it’s actually written from a Christian worldview, with the idea that we can find the answers to life’s most important questions in the person of Jesus Christ.

Who is This Site For?

Maybe you’re reading this and you’re not a Christian or you don’t go to church very much.  This site is for you.  I promise to try my best to speak a language that you understand and speak to you with care and respect.    I think there is a pretty good basis for that.  After all, Jesus did it, too.

Maybe you’re reading this, and you know all about church.  You know the Bible, and you know Jesus.  Great!  This site is for you, too.  We’ll help you dig deeper and see things in a way that will challenge and encourage you, too.

About Me


I’m an analytical, sometimes proud, often humbled, Southern, male, musical, loud, college grad.  I love music, food, and the truth.  I hope you can handle it.  Jokes just aren’t funny when written.

I’m writing this section at the end of 2015, literally.  I am hopeful for the future, and I hope to get to connect with you in it!