Get In On It

“I used to pray,  ‘God, please bless what I’m doing.’  At some point I changed.  I changed my prayer to, ‘God, just let me in on what you’re blessing.'”

Moss filled oaks hang over the streets of this this picturesque town on Mobile Bay.  Fairhope’s cobble stone streets are lined with quaint shops, where locals and a few tourists stop by to try the fudge, taste the paninis, and maybe even drop by the Page and Palette bookstore.  When I walked in there that day, I saw that William P. Young was speaking in just a few minutes.  He had recently self-published a breakout best seller called The Shack.

That’s where I heard the quote.  That’s where I started thinking about that one idea that I have kicked around in my head for years.

“God, just let me in on what you’re blessing.”

That reminds me of Jesus’ prayer: Lord, not my will by thine be done.

It also reminds me of the Model Prayer: Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

It reminds me of Nicaragua and the great work I see happening there.

It reminds me of how I need to frame my life:  Seek the will of God…not to talk him into my will.  I need to just submit to his.

Isn’t that what life is all about?  In submission, we find power.  In submission, we find freedom.  In submission, we find hope.

That’s a hard word for an often prideful and self-centered person.  It’s a hard word for me.  But, just think…you’re submitting to someone or something.  Better make it the right one…After all, he’s the one that’s doing the blessing.

And, I want to get in on it!

Featured image courtesy of Flickr/Overseas Development Institute

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