More than Decency: Jesus for President

Max Lucado wrote a very nice piece about decency.   His basic premise is that Donald Trump doesn’t even pass the basic decency test.   Why would we even consider electing him President?  Good point, Max.

Let me ask you something, though.  Are you interested in a minimally decent leader?  If so, then I suggest you support a candidate that is decent.  One that doesn’t go around insulting everyone.  Minimally decent is much better than terribly indecent.

More than Decency

Can you imagine someone saying, “I know he’s not that great of a man.  He lies.  I don’t really agree with him on some basic issues.  But, he has good manners.  He won’t embarass us when he speaks.  He’s decent.  Yes, I want him for my leader!”  Not me.

When you’re talking to your kids about school work, do you aim for decency or excellence?

When a college football program is looking for a coach, is their goal to find a decent one or the very best?

When you purchase music, do you go for decent or great?

Now, if you won’t spend $.99 on a download that is just decent, why in the world would you settle for a leader that’s on the same level? 

Here’s the kind of leader I’m after:

  • He inspires me.
  • He has unending courage.
  • He has great power, but is meek.
  • Great holiness but equally gracious.
  • So committed to my wellbeing that he would literally die for me.
  • So powerful, that death can’t hold him down.
  • He’s smarter than Einstein, stronger than Superman, and wiser than Solomon.

Jesus for President

You are in the voting booth every day.  You vote with your heart.  You vote with your actions.  Are you choosing a leader who is more than decent?  Or, are you settling?  Settling for decency.

You can follow the only leader who can set the world to rights.

You can follow the only leader who is “able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think,” Ephesians 3:20.

You can choose Jesus.    

When you choose Jesus, something happens.  You become like the leader you follow.   This is how you get the very best that life has to offer.  This is how you become more than average, more than mundane.  This is how you embrace all that you were meant to be.  And, you were meant to be a lot more than just decent.

3 thoughts on “More than Decency: Jesus for President”

  1. I’m afraid you may have interpreted “decent” incorrectly. Mr. Lucado is using “decent” to mean “free from vulgarity or immodesty”. Not “meeting acceptable standards” – the meaning you have used in your blog. There is a wide chasm between those two definitions.

      1. I don’t know. I’ve never read any other essays you’ve written so I’n not sure where you’re coming from. I’m not on a first name basis with Mr. Lucado but I do attend the church where he preaches. I know he is a man of honor and great faith.

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