An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg


Thank you for connecting us and making the world more open.

I have to tell you that I believe the greatest connection of all is one that binds us together in love.  I believe that the greatest love story of all is real.

That’s why I’d like issue five challenges.

 1.  I challenge you to help us use Facebook better.

If you could change one thing about how Christians use Facebook, what would it be?  Any tips on how we can use your platform to impact the world for good?

2.  I challenge you to help us show you love.

We love what you’re doing in giving away your fortune.  It’s quite Christ like.  Our basic belief is that Christ gave his all, he rose again, so that he might set us on a path of love.  So, I ask you,

What is your favorite way for us to show you some love?

3.  I challenge you to help us make the world a better place.

As I mentioned, Christ followers are all about doing all the good we can.  You might help us here.  You have great insight into strategy and effective use of resources.  So, if you were to advise us, what would you say is the best strategy for doing good in the world?

4.  I challenge you to the chase.

Really, I challenge you to chase three questions:

  • Is there a God?
  • Who was Jesus?
  • Did Jesus rise?

5.  I challenge you to prove us wrong.

I Corinthians 15 in the Christian Bible makes a central claim.  It says that Jesus rose from the grave.  Followers of Christ live based on that belief.   If we are wrong, we are really wrong.  In essence, we are fools if this isn’t true.  So, I challenge you to prove that the resurrection is wrong.  Are you up to it?

Thanks for reading.


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