Question the Question

What’s your favorite movie?

What’s your favorite color?

Who would you like to spend a day with of anyone in history?

The answers to these questions can tell you alot about a person.

However, I think another thing tells you even more.  And, it’s not all about the answer.  It’s all about the question:

What is the most important question to you?

You see, it’s not always our answers that are the most important thing.  It’s asking the right questions.

Think about it.  While others were getting good grades in computer science classes, Mark Zuckerberg was asking his own question, “How do you connect people?”  That’s a great question.  And, now, because he relentlessly pursued that question, most of the whole world is connected in a new and powerful way.

Let me ask you, do you ever feel like you’re answering the wrong questions?  For instance, you’re in a business meeting, and someone has all the right answers…but the project just makes no sense.   Right answers, wrong question.

You’re in a school that is doing a new way of teaching…and the teacher follows it to a tee…but the method itself needs some reconsidering.  Right answers, wrong question.

Now, if you think about your life, what are the big questions you’re asking?

John F. Kennedy has the famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  It was about changing the question.

And, that’s what Jesus did.  He revolutionized the way people thought about God.  The way they thought about God’s Messiah.  About what they thought it meant to follow God.  About what it meant to be great and to be king.  Jesus is all about changing our answers, but first, he radically re-frames the question.

So, let me ask you to do something.

Write down the most important question in your life.

Now, it’s time to question the question.


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