ScottsLessons: The Five Lessons I Learned from Scott McCown

Scott McCown.  The man.  The myth.  The legend.

While he’s not a perfect preacher (there was only one), and he’s actually a sinner (we all are), there are a few lessons we can learn even from Scott.

I’m going to call them ScottsLessons (in honor of his old YouVersion account).

Here are the five ScottsLessons that I’ve learned.

1.  Content Is King.

When you’re delivering a sermon, teaching a class, or otherwise teaching folks, content really matters.   Ok, I already knew that.  But, being around Scott the last few months has convinced me even more.

Content must rely on context.  The key to understanding and presenting a text is using it within the context. See this post on context.

Speaking of context, if you really want to rub Scott the wrong way, misuse Philippians 4:13.  Hint:  It’s not about winning at sports.

2.  Win with a plan.

Have you ever known a preacher that just didn’t seem like he knew where he was going?

Ever known one that never got off his soapbox?

Yeah, well, you can fix that hopefully with a plan.  Scott always seems to have an idea of where he’s going.  Probably because he does an annual preaching plan.  Last year we covered the whole Bible.  This year, we’re covering the New Testament.  There have been textual and topical series.  The plan seems to help.  We don’t have a regular soap boxing.

3.  It’s more than preaching.

Come to a church function at Central, and you’ll see Scott working.  Not just preaching.  I mean stuff like the menial, non-glorious, not front of the church sort of stuff.  Preaching is work.  Teaching is work, but being a member of the body of Christ is about more than just fulfilling your teaching duties.

I think one of the reasons Scott is a a successful preacher is that he doesn’t just give a few pretty lessons a week.  He’s actively involved in the work of the church as a member.  I don’t expect him to do all the work for us.  But, he is a real member of the church.  He’s connected to people with real relationships and isn’t above doing some cleaning and table moving.  That means a lot.

One gets the impression that he would be teaching and working in the church even if he didn’t get paid.   I get the feeling that it’s fun stuff for him.  That’s big.

4.  Marry well.

Let’s be honest.  Central hired Scott for his wife.  She’s really a great asset.  Amy is one of the most dedicated, serving people I know.  I think she really probably brings Scott up a few levels.  I’m not married, but I can only hope to do so well.  I joke with Scott that Amy has written many good sermons.  Truth is, she’s writing them with her life.

5.  Be Authentic.

That’s not a hard one for Scott. He just doesn’t have a fake bone in his body.  If anything, he could probably be a little less transparent at times, but we love him anyhow!  Truth be told, people are hungering for leaders that are real and transparent.  It’s a big deal nowadays.  Not just a buzzword.

So, I didn’t idealize Scott.  Certainly didn’t idolize him.  But, the main thing about Scott that I’ve learned is that he’s a follower.  He’s a follower of Christ.

Truth be told, that’s the job of a preacher.  It’s the job of a Christian.  To say with Paul, “Follow me, as I follow Christ.”  That’s the only way it really seems to work.  And, I can say, that for Scott is seems to be working.

By the way, check out Scott’s blog, The Morning Drive.


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