Three Questions You Must Ask About the Resurrection

Do you believe in the resurrection of Christ?

If it’s not true, then forget about Christianity.  If it is true, then you’ve got some serious things to consider.   This is HUGE for your life, and you really need to take the time to ask three simple questions. 

Three Questions You Must Ask About the Resurrection

1.  Have you considered the evidence?

Have you ever heard of Simon Greenleaf?  If you’ve ever gone to Harvard Law, you would.  He was one of its main founders.  An agnostic in early life, he was challenged to apply his legal prowess to investigate the testimonies of the resurrection.   So, he held the gospel accounts to the same standards he would hold any other legal testimony.  What was his conclusion?

Either the men of Galilee were men of superlative wisdom, and extensive knowledge and experience, and of deeper skill in the arts of deception, than any and all others, before or after them, or they have truly stated the astonishing things which they saw and heard.

So, he became a believer.  But, you must make your own examination.  Now, remember his motto was simple.  He was going to go where the evidence led him.  Shouldn’t you?

As you’re examining the evidence, here’s a question that you must ask.

2.  What about the apostles?

What I mean is, why did the Apostles choose to hold fast to the testimony of the resurrection in the face of persecution and martyrdom?  Here were a group of guys from various backgrounds.  Some were fishermen.  One was a tax collector, working for the Romans.  Others wanted to overthrow the Romans.  Some were uneducated.  Some were highly educated.  Why did this diverse group stick to the same proclamation that defined them?

If it wasn’t true, then why not recant?  I’d examine that question very throughly.

3.  What about resurrection people?

I don’t normally go to funerals.  But, I went to the one for Mandy Latner.  I’ve literally never seen anything like it. If you want to get a feel for what it was like, check this out.

The building was packed with former students, “adopted” kids, friends, family, a professional acapella group, and about 50 firemen who stood for the hour and fifteen minute service.  While there were several hundred at the service, hundreds more had come that afternoon just to sign the book that was completely full by the time I got to it.

As we went through the line, there was a bucket, which we could fill with notes.  The explanation was that Mandy was a “bucket filler.”  She showed love every day.  She filled people’s buckets.

You see, when you encounter a resurrection person, it’s much easier to believe in a resurrected Savior.

What The Resurrection Means

You see, the resurrection isn’t just about Jesus being physically arisen.  It’s not just about us one day being physically rising from the grave, even though that’s important.   It’s about Christians living life with a resurrected spirit and mind.  It’s’s about being born again to a new life. This is the life of Christ going on today in his body.  It’s the beginning of the new creation.

That’s how I see it, and I’m willing to stake my life on it.

How about you?  Will you dare to answer these three questions?

Featured Image Courtesy of Thomas Hawk on Flickr

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